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Manufacturing  of   products/ is planned  and  executed   under   controlled  conditions  to  ensure   quality   of  products.

Director  Production  & QA  has  overall   responsibility   to  implement  the  production  plans  and  identify  the  process  parameters, which  affect  quality   of   product  &  including  safely.


Production process is carried out as planned and executed under controlled conditions to ensure the quality of outgoing products and it includes following.

A Painting E Baking
B Component Assembly F Assembly
C Wiring G Auto transformer
D Winding H Fabrication work (from our approved vendor)

Each stage of production is carried out as per specific method and suitable working environment is also maintained. Wherever requirement specific machine are used.

Trained operations control process parameters manually.

Periodic inspections are carried out at stage of production for its quality.

Production activities are carried out by trained operators and supported by supervising staff.

Preventive routine and breakdown maintenance is planned and is the responsibility of the Production In- charge.

Calibration of measuring instruments is done.
At present there is no special process, requiring pre- qualification of process capabilities.
Safely requirements are identified and appropriate testing is undertaken periodically and the records of the same are maintained.
Whenever   required,  personal  protective  equipment/s  are  provided.


A. ES/QSP/PP/15 Production Planning.
B. ES/QSP/PP/16 Production & Process Control.
C. ES/WI/WIR/01 Work Instruction for wiring.
D. ES/WI/ASS/02 Work Instruction for Assembly.
E. ES/WI/WIN/04 Work Instruction for Winding.
F ES/WI/SAFTY/05 Work Instruction on Safety.


The procedure of inspection & testing at relevant stage have been established at Elembica Services, In order to verify that the specified requirement of the products are met.

Director Production & QA is responsible for Inspection & Testing.


The received material are verified for quality and Director Production & QA visually for acceptance. Wherever Certificates are available they are verified with required specifications.

Only accepted materials are released for production.

The materials not meeting the required specification are marked accordingly and segregated and stored at designated place

Incase of emergency, incoming products can be released prior to verification. However in such case, appropriate records of traceability shall be maintained to permit immediate recall & replacement in the event of non-conformity of final products.

In-process materials are inspected and tested as per Quality plan.

Dimensional checking surface finishes of Director Production & QA carry out cabinets.

Additionally, in-process testing and checking is also being carried out. Results of which are used for preventive and corrective actions for process for control. Visual inspection wherever possible carried out for the acceptability of the products.


Final inspection of finished product is carried out on 100% basis as per established procedure. Testing is carried out as per quality plan to ensure the confirmation of the products.

No product is dispatched until it is accepted in final inspection and testing is satisfactorily completed, as per documented procedures.


Inspection & test records are maintained which clearly show acceptability / non confirmation of the product with respect to the specifications. These records provide evidence of inspection & testing of products.

ES/W/TES/03 Work Instruction for Testing.
ES/QSP/INS/17 In Process & Final Inspection and Testing.
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